Emma & Amanda — Daddy’s surfboard

Emma and Amanda.jpg

Tell me about your drawing: what is happening here?

Emma: We painted our Daddy’s surfboard. We sprayed paint on it. I drew my dad, my sister and me, and other stuff.

Amanda: I painted a treehouse to decorate the surfboard. I drew papi and me, and a rainbow, and the place where papi was born: Caracas.

Why did you draw this?

Emma: I also drew a rainbow, because it’s my favorite color. Rainbow is my favorite color. We wanted to make the surfboard pretty because it was all grey and it needed some color.

Amanda: I painted a treehouse because I wanted to. I also sprayed red on the surfboard because it’s my dad’s favorite color.

Emma and Amanda

What do you like to draw the most?

Emma: Good question. Because you can draw anything that you imagine. Sometimes I do it to remember something I saw somewhere, others just because I’m bored.

Amanda: Because I like Unicorns, and because sometimes I’m bored and I like to draw. I just like it.

What is your favorite color?

Emma: Rainbow

Amanda: Blue


Emma: It’s colorful, very colorful.

Amanda: Because it’s in the rainbow.

Emma and Amanda.jpg

What’s more fun: drawing or painting?

Emma Drawing.

Amanda: Painting.


Emma: Because with painting you have to color in and it takes a long time to do that. That’s the only reason.

Amanda: Because of color.

Emma and Amanda

What is art?

Emma: It’s something beautiful.

Amanda: Coloring.

What do you need to be an artist?

Emma: Color, paper, and an imagination.

Amanda: Wanting to be one.

Are you an artist? Why?

Emma: No, because I don’t like art classes in school.

Amanda: Yes, because I like to draw.

Emma and Amanda.jpg

Emma Stolk, age 8.

Amanda Stolk, age 4

Miami, USA