Destan — New York


Tell me about your drawing: what is happening here? 

I live in New York City and there are a lot of cool buildings here. In this drawing, some buildings are real and others are imaginary.

Why did you draw this?

I like drawing skyscrapers. I'm attracted by their design and height.

What do you enjoy to draw the most?

What makes me feel good.

What is your favorite color?



It's the brightest, strongest color.

What’s more fun: drawing or painting?

I recently got into watercolor painting and I'm really enjoying it!


You can mix colors which is super fun.

What is art?

I think art is drawing, whether you draw with pencils or with paint, to me it's still drawing.

What do you need to be an artist?

You need to be good at drawing.

Are you an artist? Why?

I am an artist because I can draw very well. I spend most of my free time creating art and it's something I really enjoy.

Destan Cevher, 7 years old.
New York, USA.

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