Alexandra — How to be a big sister


Tell us about your drawing: what is happening here?

The mom is letting her daughter hold the baby sister very carefully.  

Why did you draw this?

Because I am planning to make a book about how to be a big sister.

What do you enjoy to draw the most?

What I enjoy the most is coloring because it adds a lot of details and it is very neat. 

What is your favorite color?



Because it is very important to the water and the sky.

What’s more fun: drawing or painting?



Because you can add more detail when you are drawing. When you are painting you can make more mistakes and your work gets ruined, and you have to start a new one and you waste more paper.

What is art?

It is a creation you work really hard on.

What do you need to be an artist?

Be super creative so you can have the most amazing drawings in the world.

Are you an artist? Why?

I think I am but my dad is better.

Alexandra Raffaelli, 7 years old.

Oakville, Canada.