Mia — Tutti a teatro!


Tell me about your drawing: what is happening here?

There is a dancer performing on a stage in a theatre and there are some people looking at her.

Why did you draw this?

Because I am a dancer myself and I can relate to her. I like it when I can perform on a stage in front of a public.

What’s the thing you enjoy the most drawing?

I like drawing people and recently I like drawing their jobs: a painter, a hostess, a writer, etc.

What is your favorite color?

I like yellow.


Because is the color of the sun.

What’s more fun: drawing or painting?

I rarely paint. I draw most of the time.


Because I can erase errors and correct something eventually.

What is art?

It is something that makes me feel happy.

What do you need to be an artist?

You need to keep on drawing.

Are you an artist? Why?

Yes, I think I am. Because if I have some spare time, I spend it drawing.

Mia Puddu, 7 years old.

San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna, Italy.