Leonardo — Bandit and mysterious plane

Bandit and mysterious plane

Tell me about your drawing: what is happening here?

There is a super-plane with big wheels flying in the space city. It has a big weapon shooting bombs to defend itself.

Why did you paint this?

Because I like it.

What’s the thing you enjoy the most drawing?

Planes and rockets; because they can fly.

What is your favourite color?



Because of the Green Ninja of NINJAGO.


What’s more fun: drawing or painting?



Because it is easier and more fun.

What is art?

I dont know.

What do you need to be an artist?

Paint a lot of canvases.

Are you an artist? Why?

Yes. Because I have painted a lot of canvases and my name is Leonardo, like Leonardo Da Vinci.


Leonardo, 5 years old.

Madrid, Spain.

Follow him @leo_nar_do_paints