Tuta & Coco was born from a simple fact: As soon as our children start making their first scribbles, drawing, quickly becomes one of their most authentic and privileged means of expression. Our children are, without a doubt, true artists. Their entire artistic career is, in our eyes, worthy of the best museums and galleries. But often, we do not really know where and how to keep these little masterpieces. Throw them out for lack of space? Too harsh! There has to be a better way to save them. Their drawings certainly deserve much more than to sit lonely on a fridge or forgotten at the bottom of a cardboard box. 


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The art of your child at its best.

At Tuta & Coco we have an expert eye on art, in particular for that of children. We exclusively propose bespoke products, and we personally ensure all of the creative chain. That way we can guarantee you to bring out the best of your kid's art until the tiniest detail.


By artists to the artist in every child.


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 I'm a mom, wife, painter, photographer and founder of the wonderful business of helping parents preserve their children's art. I live in the beautiful Montreal where I had the fortune of having my son Luca. In 2014, he started making his fist works of art and I started wondering about how and where to keep them. That's how Tuta & Coco was born. From me, the artist, to the artist in every child. 


Gabriella Di Stefano